Opinion / Argument essay planning guide


Topic: Television, cause of violence in the society

I think I will start with the to parts of the topic. From one side we have the ones that beleave in this cause and in the other one we have the ones that think this isn’t right.

thesis: television is not leading the cause of violence in this society because there are simple forms to avoid the violence channels, one of them is dont buy any channel that can include any tipe of violence. But if we want to finish with the violence we must take care of the new society, the childrens, there are many channels with good values, like discovery kids. All do the television channels are not the lider, we got the internet that can be used to find violence, but the kids wont know abaut it if anybudy tell them.

– Ok, but today our kids like you said can find things that appear on tv by the internet, how could we stop them, if I have to work i could not see the things he find.

– Well, I repeat if they dont know what to search they will never find them, and there are babyseeters that can look after your kid. So this society is not violent because of the tv, is because the things that are around our society, like weed that now a day is very used, that can give you oportunity for use your violence, but remember. Take care of the new society!!!!!!!.



Our First bloggin!!!!


                                                                Puyehue 126

                                                                         Los Pinos, Reñaca

Viña del Mar, Chile


Hi Arnold,

I enjoyed very much your last letter, its great that you won that cool gold medal on the anual swiming competition, I hacen’t won anything yet , but I’m sure that I could do it if I propose myself, so.. Do you think you could bet your medal on a tennis match with me ?, so then I could have my first medal.

It’s asome that you live on the U.S.A but we miss youa lot, so father said that we could do a paid party to collect money and buy you a ticket to come to Chile.

And how are you doing there? How about the food ,is it good?. Guess what?!?!? I’m having a new brother, we are going to adopt  we are hoping he arrive soon!!! ,changing the trama, I’m going togive the PET, give me luck!!,

Say Hi to Diego,and your family.

I’m looking forward to your next letter, see you soon,

your best friend,



Interview Harold shiperman (information)


Type of crime: Murder
Criminal: Harold shiperman
Detective on charge: John smith
Victims: Marie West (1995) trend turner (1996) Lizzie Adams (1997) Kathleen Wag staff (1997)
Motivation: people he don’t like
Dates of crime: 1995 – 1997
Place: donney brook house hospital
Trial and sentencing: presided overby: Mr justice Forbes, the trial judge Sentenced him to 15 concurrent life sentences. 6 days, 31 January 2000

Criminals biography

14 of January 1946 Nottingham England
Family: Mom died by cancer to the lung
Wife is primrose son is Sara
Occupation : Doctor
Traces: Morphine, that was the things that kill their patients
Caught:They enter his house
Physical elements:Tall, beard, elegant, white and black hair
Physicological elements:Crazy, intelligent

Detective description

Birth: England Nottingham 8 of August 1956
Traces found: he founded morphin near a dead
How he caught the criminal: they entered the house


Interview dialogue (Harold shiperman)


John smith as the detective
Harold shiperman as the criminal

John:ok, Harold, you overcame the limits, your crime is terrible. This is gonna be easy if you confess your crime.
Harold: I’m not going to say a word (throw a spit)
John: you are crazy, you are gonna regret of the things you’ve done (pounch)
Harold: do me all the things you want I’m not going to talk
John : I’m not sure of that (whit a scary voice)
Harold: no?, how do you now that, I repeat you I’m not going to speak never
John: you can’t shout me speak, speak!
Harold: ok, ok I will say everything
John:great!, that’s what I wanted to hear (laughing)
Harold: I didn’t do anything I just receive orders
John: that’s not real, say the real stuff, if not you are gonna spend 30 years on prison, I repeat you, you are a murder if you don’t speak I’m gonna take you to jail
Harold: 30 years?, you can’t do that??
John: no?, I say one word and you are going to jail all your life
Harold: I didn’t do anything, I’m innocent
John: be realist, you committed a very bad crime you murder more than 200 persons
Harold: that is not real
John: we now the things you did, if you don’t confess you could get 20 more years, even 30!
Harold: (laughing )
John: say me all the things you’ve done or suffer the consequence.
Harold: I don’t remember anything
John: speak! (with a gun)
Harold: ok, ok! I murder all the people
John: yes! I new you were lying
Harold: now can I go home
John: what, (laughing)
Harold: if I can go home
John: no, no you have to tell me how did you kill them (with a gun)
Harold: I put them morphine when they sleep (recording)
John:why you do this?
Harold: cause I didn’t like them or they were with serious problems
John:Harold shiperman you are arrested for the commitment of 200 murders
Harold: but why? You are a liar
John: come here…


Godlike report


Hera was Zeus wife and sister, she Was raised by the Titans Oceanus and Tethys. She was part of the supreme gods, she Was god of mariage ( women ) and childshood, she Was interested about protecting married women. Her sacred animals were the cow and the peacock, she liked the city of Argos.

Hera took advantage and asked the Other gods to join her in a revolt. They all accepted, Hera drugged Zeus, and then, the others bound him to a cauch, they start to talk about the next part of the plan . Briareus, one of the Hecatoncheires, overheard the arguments; still full of gratitude to Zeus, Briareus sneaked anda released him, Zeus grave his thunder. The gods fell to their knees to Zeus don’t kill him. He trapee hera with chains that she couldnt brake and tren he salid to Her that she could get free if she never do that again. And She never did’t before





Hi my name is Amedeo i used to be a normal kid once but that doesn’t matters any more, now im a vampire, and im going hunting.


Today I wake up in new york city, I was hungry, I went to the sub were its dark and dangerous.

I went down to wait my lunch, suddenly I saw a pretty woman going down stairs, I got some feelings for her that I cannot explain, and she was alone, so I followed her, then when we where far away in the station I couldn’t resist so I sticked my sharped teeth into her neck. The teeth were sticked there was nothing more to do so I decided to join her to the family.


She is awake, her mind was confused so I told her everything then she started crying and shouting, a metal collar was killing her I didn’t knew what to do so i catched the collar and throw it, the collar said emily, do not put dangerous chemicals. She was bad so I tooked her to the medic but there was nothing else to do se was going to die tomorrow. It was turning into morning I didn’t knew what to do, leave and save me or stay and fight my love until the sun kills me. I went home there are plenty of bats in the skie for a vampire like me. it was done emily was dead.


I went to the medic to see emily, she was dead but thats not the important, I didn’t noticed that it was the “give blood to the poors day” I couldn’t resist so I went to the central and start killing.

My teeth went out of my mouth I couldn’t believe the exited i was, I killed everybody for like 300 years of live then soddenly some one sticked a stick into my heart putted onion on my head and put me metal, then he ran away so here im now in my last seconds so I wanted to say that……(dead)Unknown